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We don‘t fly to the moon. We are not world-leading. We do something far more important: We are there for people who need our support!
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In Bethel, people who need assistance are cared for, accompanied and supported. Your commitment is needed in various areas of practice!

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The Betheljahr – your time!

Your personal development and career orientation during this educational year between school and training or school and university are important to us. We will encourage and challenge you so that you become aware of your individual competencies.

Good reasons

  • The opportunity to get involved and help other people
  • Use your year of education and experience in the FSJ for career orientation
  • You will receive a allowance of €743 per month
  • We cover your full social security contributions
  • An FSJ with us offers the possibility that your entitlement to child benefit remains
  • With us you get 30 days of vacation
  • You can have your FSJ credited for waiting semesters for a place at university or as a pre-study internship and guided internship in social professions
  • We accompany you personally, competently and in seminars through the year
  • Together we will find the most suitable area of practice for you
  • Even if you are over 27 years of age, you are welcome to join us (BFD)

We are the volunteer agency

... and thus your contractual partner during the Betheljahr. We will find you a spot in one of the practice areas. We accompany you through your time there. We design seminar and educational offers for you. And we give you professional orientation. As it should be in a good partnership.
Betheljahr explained

Here you will find the most important answers

Anyone who is at least 17 years old – in exceptional cases even 16 years old. There is no upper age limit.
You "just" have to be motivated. Everything else falls into place.
International applicants must prove that they have a language certificate (at least B1 level).
Fill out the Application➚ here on the page and send it off. You can find more information in the glossary ➞ .
In principle, you can apply all year round. The Betheljahr itself begins in August, September, or October. Since we have a lot of applications every year, you should apply as early as possible.
Yes, you will receive pocket money as well as money for food and accommodation.
There are many possibilities: at home, in a dormitory, in shared flats or your own place. If you want to live near your area of practice or together with other people from the Betheljahr, we are happy to help you.
Up to the age of 27, there is actually no difference between FSJ and BFD.
Wherever Bethel facilities and services are represented — from Siegerland and Ruhrgebiet to Bielefeld and Bremen to Hannover.

Bericht How to apply!
All important information in German:

How to apply!

For international applicants, slightly different application rules apply compared to the domestic application process. We have summarized everything important here and describe the process:
More Information
Bericht Other Languages?
General information in ...

Other Languages?

We give you basic information in several languages ​​to understand what the Betheljahr is. International applicants must prove that they have a language certificate (at least B1 level).
Some general Information
Bericht Give it a try!
Do you speak German?

Give it a try!

When socially interacting with disabled or elderly people, it is very important to understand each other. That's why you need sufficient knowledge of German.
Give it a try with these reports from participants in the Betheljahr:

Questions about Bethel itself

The word "Beth-el" comes from Hebrew and means "house of God". This name says it all for the v. Bodelschwinghschen Stiftungen Bethel: Our vision is based on the Christian faith, altruism and respect for the unalterable dignity of every single human being.
Bethel is also the name of a village in the Bielefeld-Gadderbaum district, but it stands for much more: In the v. Bodelschwinghschen Stiftungen Bethel (Bethel for short) at numerous locations in the regions of Berlin/Brandenburg, Bielefeld/East Westphalia, Lower Saxony/Bremen and the Ruhr area/Rhineland, around 24,000 employees provide for around 230,000 people every year.
Bethel cares for, accompanies and supports people who need assistance. Your commitment is needed in various areas of practice: Your help can enrich the lives of these people. You will support the skilled woorkers under supervision.

How to contact us

The direct line:

You can reach us here: Contact form ➞

The Betheljahr on Social Media:

Find your area of practice:

Betheljahr - now is your time!

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